One week ago David went to collect Spikey who was found wandering down the road with a large lump on his head.Turned out to be a large access which had burst and was filling up again, he had a large hole on the left side of his head, his ear was almost dangling and the infection had spread to his right eye which was full of pus and blood.The wound is washed out 4 times a day and then packed with aloe vera, and antibiotic drops are put in his eye after carefully cleaning it.He made very slow progress but deteriorated on Saturday so a return to subcutaneous fluids and I started to syringe feed him. It was apparent from the start that the infection had affected his brain as he was going round in circles and he only remained calm when he was wrapped up and cuddled for an hour at a time.

Spikey is battling on and is much calmer so I am hoping we are getting on top of the infection,he has finished a course of antibiotics and I am hoping the vet will see him tomorrow.I know that while he continues to fight I will not give up on him so let's hope for a positive outcome we certainly need it at the present time

Stay safe, and thank you all for your support and kind words - Thanks Jean


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