Dangers of Netting! Vs Hedgehogs

Updated: Jan 18

We at hedgehog rescue Blackpool have recently rescued a hedgehog that was found in a garden that had been caught in netting, used in a garden. This little one was lucky to be found in time, before becoming strangled to its death.

Many hedgehogs are killed each year by being tangled in netting and at this time of year when plants are not growing against them all netting should be stored when not in use. If a hedgehog gets tangled in a net, it will twist and turn to try and break free. The twist and turning can cause severed legs or serious injury to the body and throat, ultimately chocking and strangulation.

If you use any garden netting please try and bring in doors when not in use. If removing any

netting is not possible, consider raising the netting off the ground at a minimum height of 400mm / 40cm / 15inch

If you ever find a hedgehog tangled in netting, carefully cut the netting free around the hog, don’t try to untangle as the hedgehog may fight back due to its state and this action may create additional injuries and distress.

Immediately get in touch with your local Hedgehog Rescue or Vet and seek immediate help.

Thanks Team HRB.

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